ARTISTS :: Doug Bison :: Bronze :: Owner of the Blackfish Gallery. Award Winning Sculptor.

Doug began sculpting in 1980. He studied his family history and that of the Minneconjou-Lakota Sioux. He studied animal form, particularly the big game of North America. What he learned spurred an attention to detail in depicting the American Indian people and the wildlife that was fundamental to their lives. “I want to perpetuate the indigenous people, the Native Americans,” Bison said of his art. “If you can keep putting their life and culture in front of the public, in my case through my art, they’ll not be forgotten.” Doug’s sculpture, honored with numerous awards, is found in collections throughout the U. S. and Canada. Attention to authenticity in depicting the Native American is evident in all of his work. Essentially self-taught, Bison has exhibited across the Country. His bronzes are a treasure for all collectors of Western and Wildlife Art. He regularly accepts commissions.
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  WINGFLAPPER Award Winning Bronze

  THE THIEF - Bronze Raven Bust

  ORCA - Polished Stainless Steel